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Recovery from a natural disaster takes courage andstrength

If you or your family were affected by the devastating 2008 storms in Iowa, you may be experiencing ongoing physical, emotional and financial stress. Ticket to Hope can help. It’s a free program and will help you regain a sense control over your life.

Iowa Concern Hotline 800-447-1985

What is Ticket to Hope?

Ticket to Hope provides up to eight counseling sessions from a licensed mental health professional in your area.

The program is managed through the Iowa Department of Human Services. You and your family are eligible to review free counseling through Ticket to Hope if you meet the criteria below.

Who Can Take Advantage of Ticket to Hope?

  1. A person needing mental health or co-occurring mental health and substance abuse counseling sessions.
  2. A person who does not have health insurance, has no mental health benefits or has used their mental health plan benefits.

How Ticket to Hope Will Help You
and Your Family

8 Counseling Sessions.

You will receive up to eight counseling sessions with a mental health provider.

The Program is Free.

Counseling sessions will be provided at no cost to you or your family.

You Pick the Counselor.

You can choose a mental health provider from a list of providers who have agreed to participate in Ticket to Hope. Or you can request that a specific provider become a participating provider.

A Year-Long Program.

Ticket to Hope services are available through September 28, 2010.

For more details about how to receive services, download the Ticket to Hope Fact Sheet


To arrange for free and confidential counseling services, call the Iowa Concern Hotline today at
Confidential counseling is available 24/7.

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